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SNIS-967 Tsukasa Aoi Life Continued To Be Rxxxd By Drunkenness At Reunion Who Censored JAV Xdaddy


Life Continued To Be Rxxxd By Drunkenness At Reunion Who Attended With Fiancé (boyfriend) Don Bun 6 Days Aoi Tsukasa

What more can i say about Aoi Tsukasa, i praised her in this blog through a dozen posts or more already.

She never fails to give me a rock-solid boner.

That Aoi chan is still active and giving us good porn movies is nothing but a gift or a miracle. And sometimes i don’t understand why she didn’t switch to normal TV entertainment. She could if she wanted, although i’m not a fan of her high-pitch voice, specially when she sings.

in SNIS-967 the first scene was kind of weak, and the lighting terrible. Everything was so dark, i didn’t like the setting or story. Second half of the movie is a bit better.

Anyway, and by the way, i didn’t liked much SNIS-967. But i would post anything with Aoi Tsukasa anytime of the day :).

Movie Information:

ID Code: SNIS-967
Category: HD, JAV
Tags: Beautiful Girl, Dead Drunk, Gangbang, Hardcore, Nasty, Risky Mosaic
Actress: Aoi Tsukasa
Studio Label: SNIS

Date: May 8, 2022
Actors: Tsukasa Aoi

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