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USBA-044 Rara Kudo, A Middle-aged Teacher Trained By A Small Devil Girl – Censored


A middle-aged teacher who likes pure literature. Lara is interested in the novel by the masochistic man that the teacher is reading. And the teacher finds out that he is an M man and tempts him! A masochist teacher who becomes a pet of the student’s obedience and is played with obscenely …! A masochist teacher who has no way to blame the pleasure of the little devil Lara, being squeezed by the hardened Ji Po.

Release date: 2022/05/10
Duration: 101 minutes
Performer: Rara Kudo
directed by: Thin blade purple green
series: Middle-aged teacher trained by a small devil girl
Maker: AVS collector’s
label: AVSCollector’s
Genre: HDTV 4K Exclusive Distribution School Girls Slut Solowork Beautiful Girl Sailor Suit School Uniform

Date: May 9, 2022
Actors: Kudou Rara

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