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CEAD-406 Yui Hatano + Hibiki Otsuki + Yuri Oshikawa + Yu Shinoda . A Hyper-Best Set Of 2 DVDs. 4 Hours And 36 Minutes. Censored


Yui Hatano, Hibiki Otsuki, Yuri Oshikawa, and Yu Shinoda’s gorgeous co-starring work has been completed for over 4 hours and 30 minutes! In this work, from the 4P lesbian kiss that is too indecent that is still handed down to the fans, the lesbian SEX work that climaxed 40 with shellfish from the 4P cunnilingus circle that everyone licks each other and the secret talk barrage with industry people It is a special version that contains astonishing works that have become 8P big orgy SEX before you know it!

release date: 2022/05/10
Duration: 275 minutes
Performer: Yui Hatano Hibiki Otsuki Yuri Oshikawa Yu Shinoda
series: Hyper Best
Maker: Celebrity friends
label: Celebrity friends
Genre: 4 Hours Or More Exclusive Distribution Actress Best / Omnibus Orgy Lesbian Mature Woman

Date: May 10, 2022

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