BONY-043 The fall of a genius with a deviation value of 78! – Censored


BONY-043 The fall of a genius with a deviation value of 78! Due to family circumstances, she gave up on going to college and fell into a debt of 5 million by playing as a host! Experienced Number Of People 2 People 20 Years Old G Cup Plain Unfashionable Big Tits Natural Female Eel

“Aoi”, a talented student who graduated from a famous high school at the top of her class, was give up on going to university due to her poor family circumstances and got a job, but due to daily stress, she ended up going to a host and creating a large amount of debt. 

I decided to quit the company and work in a sex industry with the introduction of the host in charge, but I became a sexual prey of the evil store manager, and the beautiful busty body of the G cup was played with every corner and thick semen was fired inside … Somewhat sad. You can catch a glimpse of the darkness of the youth and the facial expression, and the compliant sex is impressive enough!

Release Date: 07 Apr 2023
Duration:165 mins
Director:TET TET
Studio: Bonita/Daydream Tribe
Categories: Hi-Def,Exclusive Distribution,Sex Toys,Blowjob,Amateur,Big Tits,Daydreamers,Creampie,
Cast: Amateur



Date: April 18, 2023
Actors: Amateur

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